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I currently have 42 IOS apps and 21 android apps. Last month they were downloaded over 130 000 times. Not too bad, but not fantastic neither. I am now working on three new apps and one major update. I have decided to try to start the marketing of the apps months before they are published. Cause evidently that’s how you rise in the charts on launch day. If you are able to get high up in the charts more people will see the app, and also download it, making it rise more. And that’s how you make money. But where do I start? On my current apps I haven’t done any marketing at all, just ASO with keywords, icon and screenshots.

So, I have decided to write about the marketing effort on my most promising app in order to share my struggle with other indie developers and also to get all my thoughts down on paper, cause right now there are a lot of thoughts floating around.

The app I am making is a utilities/entertainment app that lets users add music and sound to the videos they record on their iphone. I have decided to call it Dubmee. The main functionality is up and I have had a lot of fun playing around with it, adding cool songs from iTunes over some of my videos. You can see some of the screenshots below.


Social media is a good place to start marketing. Facebook and Twitter accounts are a must. And this is my current status: I have a little over 1000 followers on twitter and almost a 1000 followers on facebook. I also have a linkedin account, a vine account, instagram account, youtube account and a website for my business with almost no followers or visitors. Maybe my most priced marketing channel is my current app portfolio. In some of the most popular apps I have ads run through google admob, and I could do in-house advertisements in these apps, meaning I make my own ad for my new app and show it to those who have already downloaded my other apps.


Some of the most popular apps have their own website, and I have decided to make one for Dubmee. I have purchased the domain, but not set up the page yet. I am going to try to make a landing page and try to capture some opt-in emails, in which I can email the people who opt-in on launch day, hopefully making them download the app. But the big question is how do I get traffic to the website, and how do I convince people to give me their prized email address. Most people are terrified of giving up their email in case they are getting spammed for ever and into eternity.

I also heard from some of the experts out there that teaming up with some big-shot bloggers is a good idea. They already got thousands of followers and might be willing to write about a new app, in fact bloggers always want something new to write about so why not. But I don’t know any bloggers. And I don’t know how to get to know them. Hmmm…this sounds difficult.

Other advice is to get in the mainstream media: TV, newpapers, magazines etc. How the heck do you get on the news? Can you just email the TV channel and tell them you have a new app, and they put you on? Sound like a tough one, but I know someone is doing that.

Well, for now I am going to set up a launch page on and see how I can solve the other issues. If you have suggestions, please let me know below in the comments section.

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