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Appstore Naming Tactics

For those developers that don’t have marketing budgets nor spend any time promoting their apps outside the app store, the only way to get their app noticed is through Appstore Search Optimization (ASO).

The most important aspect of the ASO is the name of the app and the keywords. The name is by far the most important. In naming your app you have basically three choices:

1. A complete unique name for your app

2. A complete unique name and a small description behind.

3. A name similar to other apps, with or without description.

If you chooses to go for a complete unique name that no one has ever heard of before, chances are not many will search for that name, which again results in no one finding your app. How can anyone find your app if it doesn’t show up in any search results? This is particularly true for games. If you have utilities/business/health app or any non-game app, you could get away with it by using popular search words in the name such as Scan, Hours, Job Interview, Workout, Mindfulness, Fitness etc. However, if you choose to name your 7 Minute Workout app something like: Bingo or Smash it, chances are that your app will not be discovered by those who search for a workout or weight loss app.

Now if you are hard on your principle of being unique, name your app Bingo or Smash it, and add a small text behind it. Bingo — Workout to loose weight. This will make your app be found when searching for workout and loose weight. Two very good keywords.

The last alternative is to piggyback on another popular app name. And this is done a lot in the appstore. The most obvious is Angry Birds: Flappy Birds, Line Birds, Cookie Bird, Bird Escape etc. This can work very well when a new popular game rises in the charts. You have to be quick though, because as soon as Flappy Bird rose to the top, tons of clones was released: Impossible Flappy, Flappy Smash, Flappy Golf, Snappy Birds.

When releasing a charade app I started out by calling it: Guess What — Charade for everyone. This I thought captured the type of game I was making. Charade is a highly searchable and well-known word, and I thought I would be able to capitalize on it. However, the app was released and I got no downloads. So after some serious thinking and research I wanted my app to show up in the search results of the popular app Heads Up. And I thought that if I got these two words into the title without infringing on any copyright issues with the makers of Heads Up, things could look better. I ended up renaming my app: Guess What Free — Phone on heads, don’t look up. This title is better in two ways, it describes actually how to play the game, and also piggybacks on the famous Heads Up app. Did it work? Check out the download charts.


For the app I am currently working on, a soundlab for video, you can check it out here:, I am now researching the exact name for it in order to get it to get found in the app store from the start.

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